International business school in France | Lyon Business School


Welcome! Future business men,

Let’s be clear, at Lyon International business School         “We mean business”.

We are participating in one of the most remarkable and exciting periods of the world’s history. As young people you are a choice generation, with access to information travel and prospects greater than ever before.

As a business school we hope to mentor you in the use of the gifts that you have been given, developing an international network of great people who live to contribute significantly to others and build enduring legacies among the exciting developments of today.

We do this by providing a different education, where students do not just learn theory, but they learn life. Where students don’t just comprehend what they learn, but practice what they learn with understanding.  We aspire to produce students who are good will ambassadors going through their daily lives with due diligence in all their undertakings.



Participate in LIBS charity and cultural events to broaden your mind and knowledge of the Lyon region.


LIBS organises Study Abroad/Internship Programs in all major cities in the world.


Studying in Lyon is a great choice as it has all the infrastructure of a big city plus an affordable cost of living.


The International Bachelor of Business Administration, is our undergraduate degree providing students with a three year program in Business Administration in a Global Context.


MBA programs offer a great variety of experiential activities. Today, this is a key component of our MBA degree, and should be an important factor in a student’s decision of which program to enter. This is what makes the International Master of Business Administration from Lyon International Business different.


       Hervé Diaz, the director of Lyon International Business School Group ECL welcomes you.