Lenght of the course

3 years

School fees

from 6,160€ / year

School starts

October / January / April / July

degree level



International Bachelor of Business Administration is a degree program primarily designed to produce future international leaders and entrepreneurs, equipped with the skills to develop their own scalable project. Throughout this program you will discover all the disciplines inherent to the international business world. For instance Mergers and acquisitions, Strategic marketing, corporate level strategy, cross cultural management, Business intelligence, corporate finance, lean business strategy, etc.

Moreover students in International Bachelor of Business Administration have at least a 6 months internship period to accomplish, throughout their studies. Transfer students may be accepted in the bachelor’s final year (year 3).

The training takes three years and all subjects are taught in modules that will be validated either at the end of the lesson, or right at the end of the last lesson in that particular module. Each year of instruction has a different curriculum that has a special focus on one of the main disciplines, like Marketing, Law or Economics.

Lyon International Business School offers complete immersion in this international orbit by teaching all courses in 100% English by teachers with a mostly Anglo-American background. Moreover the students will also be given Introductory Mandarin lessons, as well as classes pertaining to Asian business and cultural practices. Mandatory three-month practical training cycles are required as part of our international studies and can take place with one of our partner universities.

International Bachelor Thesis

Moreover every student will be required to write a dissertation on a given subject and give an oral exam at the end of the year. In other words the successful completion of the teaching modules, dissertation and oral exam will determine whether the International Bachelor of Business Administration diploma can be granted.

Study abroad with our Global Partner Universities

At the LIBS we consider academic expatriation and international immersion as necessary keys to personal and professional growth. Therefore students in International Bachelor of Business Administration can spend at least one semester abroad in complete immersion in one of the partner universities, either in Birmingham (UK) or New York City (USA).

Internship in a company in France or abroad

Most importantly, students have to carry out a 6-month internship in a company in France or abroad in year 3 and are strongly encouraged to carry out shorter interships in between. However with the help of the school, students are able to find a suitable internships.

Join a student house

At Lyon International Business School, we think that it is not sufficient to only pursue personal goals. It is essential that students develop or build on a sense of empathy for the world around them. We ask that they make themselves into valuable members of the communities they become a part of.

Therefore, our international bachelor students are expected to join one of our 6 student houses. So they will be able to take part in activities of their choice. For instance in the past, our students have assisted in a humanitarian project in Togo, helped organize a rugby tournament and also taken part in the world famous Lyon Festival Lumière.


Purchasing and logistics​

Sales and Distribution

Marketing & Communication

Human ressources



Corporate strategy


Business Plan

How to apply for the INTERNATIONAL BACHELOR ?

Step 1

Send us your application.​

Step 2

We will call you back within 24 to 48 hours.​

Step 3

You take a written test to evaluate your general knowledge.

Step 4

You will have a motivation interview and together we will validate your career plan.​