“The secret of education lies in the respect of the student.”

Emerson has said it all. The rest is only declensions.

On behalf of the entire team of the Lyon International Business School, I welcome you to our website. I hope it will provide you with the information you need.
You will discover a school where everyone is at your service: staff, teachers, students. For this is our motto: Cor unum et anima una. “One heart, one soul”.

Of course I can only invite you to come and live the LIBS school experience and join this school where the student is at the center of attention. You will then join a united and willing body.

Whoever you are,
Student or teacher
Generous spirit,

We are ready to welcome you.

Yours faithfully,

Hervé Diaz

Hervé Diaz

the Values of Libs school

Our values are represented by the Libs House which is based on 4 pillars : Strength, Temperance, Prudence and Justice.  These are the pillars that support our work. Each stakeholder of the Libs School, i.e. the students, the professors, the administration or the management, are committed to cultivating the virtue that characterizes their body of membership.


The students represent the strength of our school. 

So they will demonstrate the strength of their youth


The teachers represent the temperance in our school.

In other words, they must demonstrate temperance in giving their classes.


The administration represents the prudence within our school

That is to say our administration services must be careful in managing the school.


The executive management represents the justice of our school.

So management will have to be Fair in each of its strategic arbitrations.

the educational model of libs School

The LIBS School offers a student-centered learning. Indeed, this is not the student who adapts to the school but the school that adapts to the student. Libs school lives by and for its students.

Libs School E-learning platform

We put at the disposal of our students an e-learning platform www.elearning.site. The e-learning solution offers two advantages:
– The course material is available after having been taught in class. The students are no longer busy taking notes and can therefore exchange more with the speaker and create better learning conditions.
– In case of absences (professional reasons, illness…), the student does not fall behind the rest of the class. Indeed, being able to access the course remotely, he will be able to recover and assimilate it before the next session.

developing Employability skills of our students 

Our course contents offer to our students new skills to help them on their path to employment. Therefore, our educational model gives our students the opportunity of doing a 6-month internship in a company in France or abroad. In addition, from the first year, every student will be required to write a dissertation on a given subject and give an oral exam at the end of the year.  This is in order to learn and perfect the techniques and know-how acquired during the year. 

strengthening the corporate spirit of our students

Finally LIBS School is a school of fraternity and friendship where all cultures meet. That’s why all our students must choose one of 6 student houses.