Lenght of the course

3 years

School fees

from 6,160€ / year

School starts

October / January / April / July

degree level



PhD might be the right choice for you, if you have a strong love of knowledge and wisdom.

A diploma for research enthusiasts 

The PhD is designed for research enthusiasts who are destined for a career as a researcher or professor in higher education. It is a BAC +8 level degree for those who want to be an expert in their field. It is aimed at executives, manager, members of the liberal professions who wish to take a step back from their professional practices.

What is the Phd ?

PhD is short for Philosophiæ doctor meaning Doctor of Philosophy.  

This is the highest level of degree a student can achieve. It follows a master’s degree and involves three years of study in which the student completes a research presented as a thesis. 

What is the PhD program?

The PhD program revolves solely around the thesis.

This thesis requires rigor in the work required, supervision and knowledge. It must be based on research and presented in a manuscript of several hundred pages.

Of course students will benefit from monitoring and coaching from the teaching team and their thesis director.

The Preparation of a Philosophiæ doctor thesis is part and / or professional project clearly defined in its objectives, the means to achieve them and compulsory participation in research seminars. Students must also complete an oral defense of their thesis in front of an examination panel

what to do after a Philosophiæ doctor

In general, this diploma trains researchers and professors. However, after a PhD it is possible to move on to research management positions in companies or in the public sector. Since Philosophiæ doctor graduates have a high level of expertise in their field, they can also turn to a position as a consultant in the field of management or communication. 

conditions of access


Admission by the PhD Council after examination of the file

Bac +5

Applicants must have a Master's degree, EMBA or equivalent


Prove significant professional experience


Have a research project