Join a LIBS Student HOUSE

The Student Houses are part of the spirit of the Corporation and the values of the Lyon International Business School.

At the beginning of your academic year, you must register in one of our 6 Student Houses. Being a member of a Lyon Business School Student House is a real honor!

However, this membership gives you few rights, but rather duties, in relation to the human values of the Lyon International  Business School and its Houses.

The latter must welcome and receive each student among those of the Lyon International Business School as one of its members, whether French or foreign.

Discover below all our Student Houses. If you want to join one of them, please contact us.

Discover the libs student houses

Alpha HouseAlpha House welcomes all male students. Its particularity is the link between its members. All the individuals who compose it form a united and solidary association.

Tau Student Houses

In the Tau House many sports are offered such as golf, climbing, or badminton. The outdoor and indoor activities offered vary throughout the year depending on the weather.

Pi House

The Pi House is dedicated to female students. In fact, it unites all the female forces of the school through the Corporation.


The Sigma House has for members our students motivated by the opening to the world that gives the mastery of a foreign language, in this case English.

The discovery of new horizons and the creation of numerous contacts throughout the world is the privilege of this International House.


It is within this circle that cultural, cinematographic, theatrical, opera, etc. outings are prepared. It is designed for students who have a literary, artistic, or musical sensibility, etc.


Maison Kappa was born from a joint desire of students who value altruism, generosity and self-sacrifice in order to support the most disadvantaged.

It federates its members around a key notion: the human being.

Through several initiatives, kappa members stand out for their empathy and their desire to help others.