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Support the referendum for animals

The referendum for animals is a citizen initiative supported by about twenty associations fighting for animal rights. Several French personalities have joined this fight such as Stéphane Bern, Nicolas Sirkis, Cauet, Caroline Vigneaux or Rémi Gaillard to name a few. But also entrepreneurs such as Xavier Niel (Free), Marc Simoncini (Meetic), Jacques-Antoine Granjon (Vente-privé as well as the journalist Hugo Clément have decided to support this action.

What is the Animal Referendum?

To advance the animal cause, several associations, personalities and entrepreneurs have decided to use the RIP, the shared initiative referendum. It is a tool that allows citizens to submit a bill to a referendum.

Six proposals to improve the living conditions of animals in France

6 measures are included in this bill:

  • ban on hunting with hounds,
  • ban on fur farms,
  • banning cage farming,
  • stop shows with wild animals,
  • no more animal experimentation,
  • get out of intensive breeding.

The animal cause is something important for you

If animal welfare is a cause that is close to your heart, you can follow this project by visiting the website

Moreover, in order for the French to vote for this bill, it is necessary to obtain the support of 185 members of parliament. You can help by encouraging your elected officials to support this project.

Why does the Lyon International Business School support the Animal Referendum?

The launch of the Animal Referendum is an important moment because it illustrates the transformation of values. Indeed, the growing awareness of the world has imposed an evolution in the priority given to the animal cause. It is also unthinkable today to talk about development and growth without mentioning ecology.

The Lyon International Business School has decided to support the referendum for animals. Indeed, this project is totally consistent with our convictions. We believe that animal welfare should be at the heart of the economy. This is why we support this project. Because we wish to choose the future and the economic growth that we wish for tomorrow, that is to say virtuous!

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