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Survival tips for students moving to Lyon

After you’ve made your plans to come to Lyon in France and you have officially accepted your degree, it can be pretty easy to get caught up in the excitement of your new life. You can easily forget the practical side of moving which is crucial if it’s your first time in the Capital of Lights! Here are some survival tips for students moving to Lyon.

Why you should have a student ID card?

At the beginning of the school year, you will receive your student id card. It is a very important administrative document. The student id card is the official proof of registration in Libs School, enabling you to access facilities specific to students. With your card, you can get advantages in:

  • Culture. You can have reduction or free entrance in cinemas, theaters or museums just by presenting your student ID card at the entrance. You can also buy the pass culture étudiant de la Métropole which gives you reduced tickets for concerts and cinemas.
  • Sports. Your student ID card allows you to obtain discounts at club sports, but also reduced rates at swimming pools or ice rinks. Visit the website
  • Beauty. You can can get a haircut at a discounted rate in some hair salons. Beauty salons also offer such discounts.
  • Restaurants. Some restaurants like fast food offer reduced rates for students.
  • Cars. You can get your car license at a reduced price.
  • Shopping. Some shops offer discounts to students, don’t hesitate to ask. Besides Lyon Campus proposes on its website a list of student-friendly shops

How to get around in Lyon?

Survival Tips - TCL

One of the most important survival tips you need to know, is how you can get around in Lyon. For that, you will need a TCL subscription that will cost you 25€ per month – if you are under 27 years of age. You can get the precious pass in a TCL agency (Bellecour, Gorge de Loup or Part-Dieu) or directly on the website

And if you prefer to be in control of your own means, you can also use VéloV. A bike rental service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Note that a VeloV station is located right in front of the entrance to the Lyon International Business School.

CAF – Housing assistance

Foreign students in France can have difficulties renting housing, especially in big cities like Lyon. The Caisse d’allocations familiales (CAF) is a French organization under private law, present in each department. It pays certain benefits intended to fight against poverty such as the RSA or the Prime d’activité, but also housing benefits such as the APL.

The APL (Aide personnalisée au logement) and the ALS (Allocation de logement sociale) are financial aids intended to reduce the amount of rent. Foreign students can benefit from these aids. For this you must provide a valid residence permit. The latter must be updated with the CAF each time it is renewed in order to avoid having their rights suspended.

Social Security – one of the most important survival tips!

One of the most survival tips, if not the most important one is Social security. It allows foreign students to benefit from social coverage during their studies in France.

If you are a non-European student you must be attached to the general social security system. Registration is free and is done online via Amelie website.

If you are a European student, you will continue to be covered by your European Health Insurance Card, if you have one.

Important phone numbers to know

Here are the essential numbers to know:

  • 112 is the European emergency number ;
  • 15 is the number of the SAMU (Emergency Medical Service) ;
  • 18 is the number for the fire department ;
  • And 36 24 is an emergency number for a doctor to come to your home if you are too sick to move. This service is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

find a good restaurant in the capital of gastronomy

Where to eat in Lyon

Lyon is famous for its gastronomy: it has been called the “world capital of gastronomy” since 1935! The city has many Michelin-starred restaurants, including that of Paul Bocuse, as well as many traditional restaurants called “les Bouchons Lyonnais“.There is also the Toques Blanches, an association of gastronomic restaurateurs.

In short, in Lyon we like to eat and we know how to cook. So to find good restaurants in addition to the famous tripadvisor there are many websites listing the best places to eat in Lyon according to your desires: gastronomic food, world cuisine, pizza, hamburger, etc. Such as le Petit Paumé or Lyon Resto.

Where to buy food

As in all big cities, you will find in Lyon many shopping centers, supermarkets and mini-markets where you can buy food.

If you are looking for fresh and local food, you will find food markets in every arrondissement of the city. You will find a list of all these markets on the city of Lyon’s website.

And if you want to find the food of your country, there are also many specialized stores in Lyon: Russian, Asian, Indian, African grocery stores. Just google it!

Borrowing Books

Lyon has 16 municipal libraries where you can consult many books and documents on site. It is a public service of the city which aims to contribute to leisure, information, education and culture for all. By registering, you will get your BIBLYO card. It will allow you to borrow up to 20 documents for 3 weeks. To register, go to any library in the city or directly on the website